Island Sports Repair

Repairing your hockey gear for over 30 years

Airbrushing starts at $400. 

(Typically 3 colors + black & white, team logo, or jersey number)

Get a custom airbrush design on your helmet. 
Express your individuality or proudly display your team logo and colors. 

Ready to discuss a design? Send me an email at:

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to schedule a time to talk. 

We use computer graphics so you can visualize the final product in Concept - Complete.

Cost increases based on:

  • Complexity of the design (the more components, the higher the cost)
  • Amount of colors
  • Using special paints and glittery application
  • Portraits
  • Repair to old helmets. We will not paint over cracks or chips.
  • Backplate design

 All helmets are finished with automotive clear coat for a durable finish.

We will require a $50 deposit during the design process. This will be applied to the final cost of the artwork. We reserve the right to limit the amount of changes to the design. Once approved and the painting process has started, we cannot allow further changes.


We can paint helmets made of Lexan Polycarbonate helmets but they may not be as durable as helmets made of a composite material, such as kevlar or fiberglass. Youth and junior helmets are typically made of Polycarbonate material. 

New helmets are preferred. Helmets that have prior paint or chips require additional preparation and will add to the final cost.